CAV-CON 2017 CAV: Strike Operations "First Strike" Tournament

Talon Games, in conjunction with Reaper Miniatures, is proud to announce our first officially sanctioned CAV: Strike Operations “First Strike” Tournament. Running concurrently with this year’s ReaperCon in Lewisville, Texas, 32 players will match their wits and skill against each other in a full day of gaming and comradery.

What is “First Strike”?

First Strike is an organized play and tournament program, providing sanctioning for all “official” CAV: Strike Operations tournaments and events sponsored by Talon Games. The intent of the program is to feature a system for players to test their skills in competition against other players while maintaining an atmosphere of friendly play and good sportsmanship.

Besides providing a uniform set of “rules” in which to run a CAV: Strike Operations event, the First Strike organized play program will also allow players to track their progress as they participate in sanctioned events throughout the year, gaining “rank” that can be used to earn special prizes and awards.

Sign-Up Information

Entry Fee: $5 (A valid ReaperCon Pass (4-day or 1-day Saturday) is required for admission.) Click HERE to register!

Players who complete all three rounds will receive a special edition CAV-themed challenge coin!

For conplete tournament rules, right click HERE to download!