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CAV-CON 2017 ACE Event Option

While a valid ReaperCon 2017 Badge is the only thing required to particpate in the majority of CAV-CON events, we are providing a special package for those wishing to enjoy the full CAV-CON expereience for 2017!

By adding the $10 ACE Event Option to your ReaperCon registration, particpants will receive several special CAV-CON only items and access to our "Meet the Designer" Pizza Party Friday night (see below for more information).

The CAV-CON Ace Pilot Package option includes:

  • An exclusive 2017 CAV-CON T-Shirt (artwork by Chris Lewis) Available Sizes: Adult Small-2XL
  • An all-new Special Edition CAV:SO metal miniature!
  • A "Ace Pilot" badge ribbon and one of our all-new Talon Games/CAV: Strike Operations Lanyard
  • Meet the Designer Pizza Party

    Your CAV-Con “Ace Pilot” ribbon will allow you to sit down with Talon Games lead designer and CAV:SO writer Jon Walker and find out what’s coming up for CAV:SO in the future while enjoying a free pizza party (drinks included) Friday night. The perfect chance to ask questions and compare game-winning tactics with CAVBoss himself. Also attending will be several CAV staff sculptors, painters, writers, and artists!

    ReaperCon 2017 Registration