CAV-CON 2017 Sponsored Painting Events

With our participation with ReaperCon this year, Talon Games will not be holding a seperate painting contest but will instead be sponsoring a series of awards for those entries featuring one or more CAV models in the ReaperCon Master Series Paint Open.

The Painting Open is designed to recognize and reward modelers of all skill levels. The biggest advantages of the Open System are how the show is non-competitive in nature and the quantities of awards that can be presented are not predetermined. The Open System creates a show where no entry will win the sole award available at the expense of another equally competent entry.

Each exhibitor's work is individually evaluated and receives the level of award the judges feel that their work merits, without regard to the awards given to other pieces in the exhibition. Modelers can thus judge the progress of their work from show to show, without worrying about what other modelers may create.

The CAV-CON 2016 Painting Contest is limited to models (plastic or metal) specifically designated as "CAV" models (including CAVs, vehicles, aircraft, infantry, Heroic Scale single-figures) manufactured by Reaper Miniatures and/or Talon Games.

For a complete copy of the rules go to: Master Series Paint Open 2017


Best Individual CAV Model:Any single-model figure.

Best CAV "Squad": This category allows for multiple models (minimum four models) as part of a cohesive unit.

Best CAV Diorama: This category covers models with a scenic base where the entry is telling a story to the viewer and may include multiple models.

AwardsIn addition to any awards provided by Reaper Miniatures, Talon Games will be awarding a CAV-CON trophy and 32mm Resin Big 'Tator Model Kit for each of the above mentioned catagories!

Talon Games Big 'Tator

Emperor model not included and is provided for scale only.